DRYADE is a concept of systematic on-orbit space debris collection based on bio-mimicry.

Decisive technology for a sustainable economy in space

The space sector will continue to pave the way both in terms of technological innovation and sustainable development. One of the main hurdles to space debris collection and more generally to on-orbit services is the ability to perform automated non-collaborative rendezvous. We are currently deploying in partnership with Ecole polytechnique (Palaiseau, France) on computer vision algorithms dedicated to the final phase of the capture, when the chaser is in relative navigation mode.

A shift in the business model of space

Current business models across the space industry are based on systems that are altogether very costly, dedicated to a very limited number of tasks, and disposable, since no intervention is possible during their lifetime to fix an issue on spacecrafts. This model has to change with the rise of a number of emerging on-orbit services such as space debris management, battery loading, refueling, or spare parts replacement. Comparison with other more mature sectors, such as the car industry, and studies carried out by NASA suggest that in-orbit services will generate 3 B€ revenue each year in 10 years. Because time to market will be key, we invest our time and money to develop cutting-edge technologies and concepts in the field.


European Conference on Aerospace Sciences 2017 paper

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