INDEMN, Intelligent debris management

Long-term risk prediction for mission planning

INDEMN is a program built in-house for predicting the risk related to on-orbit collisions. It is highly flexible and provides long term analysis for satellite operators and insurance companies. The code was validated with the Inter-Agency Space Debris Coordination Committee reference case. and the original method was published in a peer-reviewed journal.

A state-of-the-art simulation tool of the orbital environment…

INDEMN allows the user to predict a risk profile for a given satellite mission or for a constellation project (6 months – 60 years), with an optimized user experience. We make use of the latest updates of the database and state-of-the-art statistical models released by academic research. Le risk computation is made with algorithms developed in-house. The code was benchmarked on simplified cases with seven other simulation codes developed by Space Agency throughout the world.

… that is suitable to today and tomorrow’s needs in Low Earth Orbit

The launch of several constellations of several hundreds or thousands of satellites in a near future will have a critical impact on the orbital environment. This is a major concern for the the whole space community, as emphasized by the intensive studies carried out by space agencies. These studies have stressed out the role of some parameters at constellation level, particularly the typical distance in altitude between satellites, the de-orbitation scenario, and also at spacecraft level, such as the reliability of pressurized tanks, batteries, and de-orbitation devices. Given the new production modes that are developed throughout the space industry in order to scale up the production lines, the risk of product failures in series in uncertain and expected to be high. Product failures in series may have critical consequences on the profitability of the business model for constellation operators, and may prevent any space operation in the future if some low earth orbits become too polluted. INDEMN was designed to simulate this kind of scenarios and identifies in what range of parameters a constellation should operate. The model allows the user to integrate several constellations in the environment scenario.

INDEMN reference publication:

R. Lucken, D. Giolito, Collision risk prediction for constellation design, Acta Astronautica, Volume 161, 2019, Pages 492-501, ISSN 0094-5765.

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A simplified version of the INDEMN software is available for free online.

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