Damien Giolito, Scientific Strategy

Damien is a civil engineer with a focus on large project management and innovation. He
co-founded Share My Space with Romain Lucken in November of 2016 with the goal of
clearing space debris within two decades. He is the former director of IMAO, an aerial
photography company and is a professional pilot. Damien is also consults with Laville & Co
to generate solutions to rapid urbanization and increase efficiency in energy distribution.


Romain Lucken, Research Physicist

Romain is a doctor in plasma physics at France’s polytechnic institute. He has
conducted research on nuclear engineering, plasma physics, and outer space for over five
years. He earned master’s degrees in Engineering and the Physics of Plasma and Fusion
from Polytechnique. Romain has worked and conducted research in Japan, Australia,
France, and the United States.


Victor Gabella, Business development

After obtaining two bachelor’s degrees in Economics and in Management, and then going on to complete a Masters in Finance, Victor is currently a student at ESSEC Business School. He has participated in the development of several startups in various fields (psychotechnical tests, urban mobility and citizen engagement, PropTech) and is now working as a digital transformation consultant at IBM Studio. Having a good vision for economic and strategic issues and a well-rounded understanding of the startup ecosystem, he joined the team in early 2018 to participate in the larger scale development of SMS.


Delphine Ly, Data Science

After graduating from Sciences Po Paris, Delphine spent two years in San Francisco developing a data sharing SaaS. She now specializes in AI programming and deep learning techniques.


Vincent Marsat, Industrial Design

Vincent is an architect of novel technologies and hardware. He earned a bachelor’s degree
in Industrial Creation from France’s Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Création Industriale. He
is currently developing a prototype of a space debris hunter that operates underwater
called Dryade. Vincent has spent time studying innovative technologies in Japan, Italy, and
South Korea.



Louis Cid, Internal Consultant

Louis is a social scientist with experience conducting studies in political economy and
political science. He earned a research master’s degree from SciencesPo-Paris and a
degree in Government with a secondary in Economics from Harvard. Louis has spent time
researching in Mexico, France, the United States, and India.