Our vision for the development of the space economy

The long term vision of Share My Space (SMS) is to deploy a constellation of satellites that would capture targeted space debris to recycle them in orbit. Space debris are made of objects of various sorts that were produced by human activity in space for over 60 years. We estimate that there are over 700 000 space debris in Earth orbit that endanger the 2100 operational satellites. 

Keeping this goal in mind, SMS has been committed in the Space Situational Awareness (SSA) market since 2017. This market is currently thriving with a growing demand from satellite operators, and more and more initiatives from the industry and public space agencies.

Next generation SSA systems will have the ability to integrate heterogeneous data sources coming from multiple detection technologies both internally and externally. High accuracy detection systems, such as lasers mounted on telescopes will emerge and will provide better accuracy data. This better understanding of the space situation will allow future technologies to secure the capital investment required for their industrialization in space.