Damien Giolito

CEO & Co-founder

Damien is a civil engineer, a professional airplane pilot, an inventor and an entrepreneur. He spent 15 years as head manager on building construction sites before being the Director of an aerial survey company for 10 years. He participated in the development of this company from 300k€ to 5M€ annual revenue in 7 years. He invented the largest aerial digital camera in the world (660 Megapixels). He is deeply involved in environmental issues through multiple initiatives (AGP21, LaVille&Co).

Romain Lucken

CTO & co-founder

Romain is an engineer and PhD in Plasma Physics from École polytechnique, Palaiseau, France. He specializes in plasma propulsion for satellite engines and orbital environment modeling. Thanks to his work experience in Nuclear safety and space engineering, he developed an expertise in risk modeling in complex physical systems. He created the INDEMN software, that computes the statistical collision probabilities between space objects.

Alexis Petit


Alexis graduated with a Master of Science in Astronomy and Astrophysics from Paris Observatory and a PhD in Applied Mathematics from Namur University (Belgium).  He has performed post-doctoral research at Paris Observatory and IFAC CNR in Florence on orbit propagation codes and automated collision avoidance systems for large satellite constellations. He also has expertise in astronomy, which will be essential to the development of the Share My Space surveillance network.

Delphine Ly


Delphine graduated with a master degree in Public Affairs from Sciences-Po Paris. She worked for a data sharing SaaS company in San Francisco for two years before pivoting to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. She studied Machine Learning with Andrew Ng Coursera class, and she masters Python programming and deep learning techniques. She was also trained in Mathematics and Physics at bachelor level. Delphine is the first full-time employee of Share My space.

Vincent Marsat

Hardware designer

Vincent is an architect of novel technologies. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Creation from France’s Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle. He has created the concept of DRYADE, an ecosystem of robotic space debris chasers propelled with plasma thrusters. He is currently developing a prototype of a submarine debris chaser. Vincent has spent time studying innovative technologies in Japan, Italy, and South Korea. He contributes to Share My Space with his experience in astronomy, hardware manufacturing and robotic programming.

Louis Cid

Internal Consultant

Louis is a social scientist with experience conducting studies in political economy and political science. He earned a research master’s degree from SciencesPo-Paris and a degree in Government with a secondary in Economics from Harvard. Louis has spent time researching in Mexico, France, the United States, and India.